December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

A blender or a Fuji Instax Mini camera. Because it doesn't always have to be fashion-related, right? But if I have to choose between the two: the blender, please. Why? It's still a missing piece in my kitchen and oh how I'd love to make my own smoothies and milkshakes. Vitamine bombs, here I come... The Fuji Instax Mini is just a very nice toy and gadget, perfect for romantic and nostalgic moments (or when I can't bring my big camera with me).

The online-shop of Urban Outfitters sells very nice books: the first two books (horizontal) are my favourites! I'm always pleased with original, cute books or with big 'coffeetablebooks', as we call it here in Belgium. And those Lonely Planet's travel tips are just very handy (and probably very usefull for daily life too).

You can always, always, ALWAYS make me happy with a gift voucher from H&M, Zara, HEMA or Sacha. Above you find the items I would love buy when I would get a gift voucher from H&M...


  1. Wat een fijn verlanglijstje, ik kan mij er volledig in vinden ;)

  2. Heel leuke hebt mij geïnspireerd om m'n eigen lijstje op te stellen, in de hoop dat mijn mama het toevallig zou zien :p

  3. Heel leuk! Vooral de boeken, die zou ik ook allemaal willen hebben :).

  4. ik wil ook een fuji instax !!! beter als die stomme nieuwe polaroids, puh

  5. Dat creative walls boek zou ik ook wel graag willen ^^