December 31, 2011

My New Year's resolutions

Et voila! Almost every blogger in the whole wide world has probably posted her (or his?) New Year's resolutions for 2012. And I'm joining the club... Some resolutions are very evident and clear (like getting a driver's licence - although that not réally so easy to get) and others maybe make your eyebrows frown (enjoy life? think positive?). 2011 has been a very strange year for me... Maybe because 2010 was a very (nearly too) intense year? I feel like 2011 has been a 'guiding' year for 2012. I just kinda 'sorted out' some things, made some choices - and now I'm ready to follow them. I'm sorry for being so pathetic en philosophical, but I think that's allowed for this time of the year, no? ;-) Anyway, if you want to read my resolutions for 2011 (I almost fulfilled them all), here they are. And to end, a (cliché) quote/note to self: ONE LIFE. LIVE IT.

December 28, 2011

I'm going bananas

No, I'm not going bananas because I'm studying (well, maybe a little). But I do go bananas because of my banana-milkshake. You maybe remember my wishlist for Christmas? If not: here it is. My first wish was: getting a blender. So I got one. From my auntie. For people who are still looking for a healthy, delicious snack: get yourself a blender! Making smoothies, milkshakes and even soup is soooo easy! Ok, I admit, this milkshake was the first thing I made on my blender but I'm pretty sure I'll use this kitchenrobot a lot! It's also a very fresh 'n' fruity break (hello energy!) when you're studying in a warm and musty room where your focus and concentration are under zero.

What do you need? 2 bananas, some milk, vanilla sugar and a blender. Throw together. Mix. Enjoy!

December 24, 2011

I wish you a very merry Christmas

I've cleaned up my studio in Ghent, my books and other study-related stuff are packed in boxes and now I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up to go to the sea (to celebrate Christmas with my family). To make my studio more cozy and intimate, I decorated it with a very tiny Xmas-tree and some lights. It's actually the first time I've bought so many presents!  That's probably because I thought that 2 presents would look pathetic or something... but I'm happy with what I bought for my beloved ones. I can't wait to see the faces of some people when they're opening their present, hehe. A very merry Christmas to y'all!

December 19, 2011

It's time to study...

You're probably already used to it... I'll be gone again. But! This time I have a very good reason: I have to study! In three weeks I have exams so I'll better prepare myself for those crazy times. For not being distracted and having my focus on my books instead of something else (like blogging), I'm going to give my Macbook Pro to my parents from 8AM 'till 8PM, or something like that. "And what with the breaks?", I hear you thinking. Well: surfing on the internet is actually not such a good break (and I just have to get rid of that internet-addiction) - so: without a laptop, I'm required to search for other things to do when I'm not studying (like making cake, go running, listen to a good CD, etc.). What do you do during your study-break? I'd love to know!

Ofcourse I won't disappear for 6 weeks. I'll sure blog a little. But it will be very little

To all the people who also have to study: good luck!

December 14, 2011

Hello beautiful

From the moment I saw these pants on Zara's onlineshop, I fell in love (apparently I'm in love with a lot of things lately). The coincidence was that right after I saw this beautiful piece of clothing, Elien from Dogs and Dresses posted a picture on her Facebookpage of her wearing these pants. Seriously: now I'm even more in love! Why? She combined it with her pistol-boots from Topshop, who are very similar to mine from Sacha. And it has to be said: it's a damn good combination!

Edit: I've had these pants on yesterday and - unfortunately - they're not comfortable! But maybe that's just professional deformity: I'm so used to my pants from 7 For All Mankind, that I can't bear any other brand... I still love the print, but I'm not going to buy a pants where I'm not comfortable in. Unless someone buys it for me ofcourse ;-)

December 13, 2011

Boots, with a capital B

Ladies and gentlemen: I've found THE perfect boots. Yes, these are the Sacha pistol boots. No, they're not black. But they go with everything, they're sooo comfy and I already love them like I love my boyfriend - okay, that's not true, but I still like them very much!

December 11, 2011

Justine's birthday brunch

This morning I went to the birthday brunch of my good friend Justine (you already saw her on my blog here). It was a nice, cozy morning with lots of food and laughs. I didn't knew all the girls who were there, but that didn't made it less fun! I can hear you thinking 'Why a brunch?' - well: since the exams are coming closer and closer Justine thought it would be a better idea to have a brunch instead of a party, so everybody could study a bit in the afternoon instead of heaving a hangover, haha! And I had my camera with me; so you can finally see some personal photos on my blog again. Oh, and thanks to Katrien, Stéphanie and Justine's mum - who also took some photos with my camera. Happy birthday, Justy!

December 7, 2011

London calling!

I finally have something to look forward to again: a short trip to my beloved London! This time not with my aunt, my family or just myself - but with my mummy. She said it would be nice if I could have a little 'vacation' after my exams, so she booked a 3-day-trip to London (from 9 till 11 February). As you already know: I've been to London for several times, but each and every time I'm amazed of the 'metropolitan air' that hangs around there. I'm simply hooked to that city. It's actually the first real trip I make with my mum without my dad and brother, but I'm sure we'll do fine together (haha, that sounds like we're a couple).

December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

A blender or a Fuji Instax Mini camera. Because it doesn't always have to be fashion-related, right? But if I have to choose between the two: the blender, please. Why? It's still a missing piece in my kitchen and oh how I'd love to make my own smoothies and milkshakes. Vitamine bombs, here I come... The Fuji Instax Mini is just a very nice toy and gadget, perfect for romantic and nostalgic moments (or when I can't bring my big camera with me).

The online-shop of Urban Outfitters sells very nice books: the first two books (horizontal) are my favourites! I'm always pleased with original, cute books or with big 'coffeetablebooks', as we call it here in Belgium. And those Lonely Planet's travel tips are just very handy (and probably very usefull for daily life too).

You can always, always, ALWAYS make me happy with a gift voucher from H&M, Zara, HEMA or Sacha. Above you find the items I would love buy when I would get a gift voucher from H&M...