November 23, 2011

I love this coat/look

From the moment I saw the coat Lucy Williams (you've probably seen her on a lot of streetstyleblogs) is wearing, I wanted it. You can buy it at Urban Outfitters, but only the price holds me back: €157 is a lot for a poor student. But, I'll wait. I might be going to London with my mum after my exams in January and when that coat's still hanging between the clothing racks, I'm gonna buy it! But actually, I don't just like the coat, I like her whole outfit. The coat, the pants (that colour!), the shoes... That girl's got it.

Oh, tomorrow I'll be 'teaching' children for the very first time (last week I just had to look and take notes) - and I'm quite nervous... I hope all goes wel!

November 21, 2011

Krystal Simpson

Shame, shame, shame on me! I recently re-discovered the blog of Krystal Simpson (whatisrealityanyway) and I completely forgot what a fabulous style she has! A lot a black, white, stripes and polkadots combined with a fierce attitude and a lot of grungyness. Hats are her trademark and I like the fact that she wears the same things again (and again); her Isabel Marant boots for example. I don't like every outfit she wears on her blog (I like some grunge-things but no punk-things) but I adore her tomboyish, yet feminine no-nonsense outfits (obviously the ones I show on my blog). Enjoy her outfits and get inspired by this beautiful lady.

November 16, 2011

In search for the perfect NY's Eve dress

When I came across this site, I was stunned: so many pretty dresses for so little prices (I speak of €40 - €50)... "That can't be true!", I thought. I already have some partydresses hanging in my closet and I was planning to wear one of those to New Year's Eve - but after seeing these four beauties, I really have to order one of them to be The Queen of the Ball. There are only two questions left: 1) I never ordered something online, so I'm a bit afraid that the dress will be too loose or too tight (as there are only two sizes available). 2) Which one should I choose? I can't decide!

November 13, 2011

Juf Laura

I'm busy preparing my internship at a primary school (starting tomorrow) so it will be a bit quiet here on the blog...
Wish me luck!

November 8, 2011

Craving for boots

1 - Topshop 2 - Isabel Marant 3 - Rumi Neely in her Topshop boots (all photos from 4 - Sacha
I'm soooo in love with Rumi Neely's boots. Especially the ones from Topshop and Isabel Marant (simple yet stylish). The Isabel Marant's aren't in my budget, but the Topshop's are! When my mum was in London some months ago, she went to Topshop to buy them, but they weren't in my size anymore! And now I don't know if they're in store anymore... Luckily I found a beautiful pair at Sacha. That shop is a lifesaver for a lot of girls, no? I think I'm going to save up some money to buy them... Although I already have a lot of shoes; a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

Edit: Ok, forget what I said, I found my perfect pair at Fashionata's feed. They're also from Sacha, but cheaper than the ones I wanted from Sacha above! Ca-tshing! 

November 3, 2011

Slightly different

I went to the hairdresser today, and... this is the result. I had a lot of dead ends so they had to be cut off. I constantly said: "Go ahead, do your thing. As long as is suits my curly hair 'cause I don't do straightener anymore!", but when I left the building, it felt like I had left a piece of myself inside. My long hair is gone. GONE. Ok, ok, I still have a lot of hair but from 'breast-length' to 'shoulder-lenght' is a huuuge difference for me! Anyway, I cried a little (especially because I saw loads of people with long hair when I returned home) but then I saw the good part of my new hairdo: it's finally healthy and I can save up again for long mermaid locks (that's how the hairdresser called my curls). Although I'm still a bit shocked when I look into the mirror, I'll get used to it (let's hope so). Btw, I went to Kapper Kaprijke in Ghent. One question: what suits me better? Long or short hair?

November 2, 2011

Lost pictures...

Woo-hoo, I'm back! Not only in English (which creates a a little distance between my blog and my private life - but that's just what I think though), but also with a (slightly) new lay-out. To 'celebrate' my return to blogland, I give you some forgotten pictures from the last months...
My boyfriend and I at 'Lokerse Feesten', August. Oh summer, where are thou? / Selah Sue at 'Lokerse Feesten'. It was the third time I saw her, and I have to admit: the more I see her, the better she gets! The last time I saw her, at 'Leffinge Leuren', was - so far - her best concert.
Something I miss during the cold months: lavender. / Newlyweds: my cousine Serafien and her fresh husband Charles! The 'real' wedding party will be in May, when they marry for church.
Yours truly in the train / My sweet kitty cat Titte thinks he's Tarzan or something...
An appartment at the coast has something creepy just before it's getting dark, don't you think? / Photobooth equals FUN!
My grandfather with his two youngest granddaughters; my cousine Robin and me. / Do you remember the photo series of my trip to 'De Ardennen' last summer? I think there's coming up a similar photo serie very soon! Why? I'm going to Wallonia with my boyfriend and some friends this weekend and the rented house is located in a very green area (even with a lake!). Couple this with the repair of my camera, and you've got it. Click click click!
The bf and I with M. and S. at 'Leffinge Leuren'. What a crazy festival-day that was! / This little cat named Pippa, died not so long after I took this photo. A shame, 'cause it was such a cutie.
I think you know him by now (he's a very common model on my blog): my boyfriend. After a year and some months I'm still soooo crazy about him - and his beautiful eyes! / The goats in my boyfriend's garden are very photogenic!
The result of throwing a party: a fridge stuffed with beer for the boys (and girls). / My beautiful mum and my little niece jumping on a trampoline. There's a smile upon my face verytime I look at this photo.
Aren't boyfriends cuter than cute while they sleep? /  Selfmade Strawberry Daiquiri, the best cocktail I ever drank in my entire life! (Quite) healthy and delicious; a match made in heaven!
She's some kind of little sister to me: my niece Nien. I hope I'll have a somehow similar connection with her as her mummy and I have (the age-difference is the same). / I choose sunrises above sunsets, and you? I like the mystery dew/fog in the morning...