November 2, 2011

Lost pictures...

Woo-hoo, I'm back! Not only in English (which creates a a little distance between my blog and my private life - but that's just what I think though), but also with a (slightly) new lay-out. To 'celebrate' my return to blogland, I give you some forgotten pictures from the last months...
My boyfriend and I at 'Lokerse Feesten', August. Oh summer, where are thou? / Selah Sue at 'Lokerse Feesten'. It was the third time I saw her, and I have to admit: the more I see her, the better she gets! The last time I saw her, at 'Leffinge Leuren', was - so far - her best concert.
Something I miss during the cold months: lavender. / Newlyweds: my cousine Serafien and her fresh husband Charles! The 'real' wedding party will be in May, when they marry for church.
Yours truly in the train / My sweet kitty cat Titte thinks he's Tarzan or something...
An appartment at the coast has something creepy just before it's getting dark, don't you think? / Photobooth equals FUN!
My grandfather with his two youngest granddaughters; my cousine Robin and me. / Do you remember the photo series of my trip to 'De Ardennen' last summer? I think there's coming up a similar photo serie very soon! Why? I'm going to Wallonia with my boyfriend and some friends this weekend and the rented house is located in a very green area (even with a lake!). Couple this with the repair of my camera, and you've got it. Click click click!
The bf and I with M. and S. at 'Leffinge Leuren'. What a crazy festival-day that was! / This little cat named Pippa, died not so long after I took this photo. A shame, 'cause it was such a cutie.
I think you know him by now (he's a very common model on my blog): my boyfriend. After a year and some months I'm still soooo crazy about him - and his beautiful eyes! / The goats in my boyfriend's garden are very photogenic!
The result of throwing a party: a fridge stuffed with beer for the boys (and girls). / My beautiful mum and my little niece jumping on a trampoline. There's a smile upon my face verytime I look at this photo.
Aren't boyfriends cuter than cute while they sleep? /  Selfmade Strawberry Daiquiri, the best cocktail I ever drank in my entire life! (Quite) healthy and delicious; a match made in heaven!
She's some kind of little sister to me: my niece Nien. I hope I'll have a somehow similar connection with her as her mummy and I have (the age-difference is the same). / I choose sunrises above sunsets, and you? I like the mystery dew/fog in the morning...


  1. glad your back, leuke foto's. Zo droef van de kat :(

  2. Oh wat een leuke foto's!! Wel heel spijtig van Pippa, één van onze katjes is een paar weken geleden ook gestorven. Hartverscheurend. En ik ben heeeeeel blij dat je terug bent :).

    En ja, in het weekend help ik op de boerderij omdat daar meestal nogal veel werk is. Koeien melken enzo, heel leuk eigenlijk :). Als ik tijd heb tenminste, want dansles geven en chiro staan in het weekend ook op de menu.

  3. Zonsopkomst is inderdaad zooo veel mooier dan zonsondergang! Jammer dat 't katje gestorven is, ze ziet er heel schattig uit.

  4. Welkom terug!!!!
    Zo erg van kleine Pippa :s
    Photobooth <3

  5. Mooi haar heb je & I like the male model.