February 12, 2012

Mother & daughter in London - pt. 1

Stress! Chaos! Panic! That's how you can describe our Thursday morning. Because of some delays from the Belgian railservice (delays at 6:30 AM, can you imagine?), we almost missed the Eurostar to London. Luckily we were still allowed to check in so after 2 hours, we arrived in Europe's biggest metropolis. After approving our hotel room (at Imperial Hotel, near tubestation Russel Square) and drinking a cup of tea, my mom and I left for East London...

We took the tube to Bethnal Green and after some walking and thinking where we were (you couldn't say it was a beautiful neighbourhood) we discovered alternative, hip and cool (East) London: Shoreditch. The perfect place for streetstyle photographers; there were cool dressed people e v e r y w h e r e. And, more imortant: cool shops e v e r y w h e r e. We couldn't believe our luck when we discovered there were still sales going on. So yes: you could say our citytrip to London was rather a shoppingtrip.

Because we hardly had breakfast (one croissant and a fruitjuice in the Eurostar) we were starving by noon... On good luck we entered Full Stop. It seemed a nice place and... it sure was! Not only was the interior totally 'my style', the food was also very good. Altough Full Stop is known for its coffee, we were more into sandwiches and an organic juice. When you're in London, definitely go check it out!

Another nice place to visit: Brick Lane Book Shop. A shop with a very simple name, but with very divergent books. The range is so large I won't tell you what kind of books you can find here, but it's just worth a visit when you're in the neighbourhood!

166 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU

Behold: one of my favourite shops in London! Public Beware, it is. And no, I didn't left with empty hands... I bought (ehm, my mommy payed) a beautiful coat! It's not the one I'm wearing on the picture below (that's my mom's)... it's in the silver bag I'm wearing in my right hand, haha. As you can see: I shopped a lot (for a small price).

91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

At 3 PM or something we entered a nice place where I forgot the name of (edit: my mom looked it up on internet and it's called 'Nude Espresso') and had a hot chocolate, a latte and a strawberry muffin. It was cold outside so we embraced the warmth of this nice coffeebar.

As my mommy loves to cook (especialy Asian food), Taj Stores was like heaven for her! It's an Indian store where you can buy everything what you need for Asian cooking. And you can buy it in very large packs. As I don't know a lot about cooking, I just captured to photogenic shop.

My mom thought it was funny that every streetname in Brick Lane was also written in Indian (or Bengali - I'm not an expert), so I took a picture of it. And so far this first part of Mother and daughter in London!


  1. aaaah leukleukleuk
    ik wacht ongeduldig op het vervolg :D
    en op de aankopen !

  2. I second that! Ik wil meer zien! Het is nu beslist dat ik zeker met een vriendin naar Londen ga in september voor een superdeluxe citytrip van zes dagen :) Drie jaar geleden ben ik voor het eerst in East End geweest maar jouw foto's geven me weer goesting om meer van daar te ontdekken! Heel Londen moet ik weer herontdekken, hoewel ik een jaar geleden ook nog geweest ben (pft man, ik word echt wel heel hoogdraverig als ik over Londen begin :p) Ben ook benieuwd naar die jas!

  3. Leuke post!! Deze zomer zou ik ook nog eens graag naar Londen gaan want in
    Brick Lane ben ik nooit geweest.

  4. Ontzettend leuke foto's, ziet er super uit! Ik ben jaloers, ben nog nooit in Londen geweest..

  5. Zo'n zalige foto's en post! Ben benieuwd wat je allemaal gekocht hebt! Wat voor soort winkel is public beware?

    1. een kledingwinkel, uiteraard ;) met allemaal unieke stukken en alles is in 1 maat. dus veel 'lossere' dingen dus. veel zwart, blauw, nude-tinten en orginele designs :) én voor een redelijke prijs!

    2. The "LOVE" print is a cheap copy of Ben Eine's work - http://goo.gl/DivNA

      Have fun

  6. Ziet er allemaal geweldig uit, ik ga ook graag naar East Londen, je vindt er veel unieke dingen, ben je nr absolute vintage geweest? Die is echt super en Rough Trade is ook altijd de moeite!! Ben al benieuwd naar het volgende deel :)

  7. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's! Leuke post!


  8. Toen ik naar London ben geweest, sliep ik ook in dat hotel :) Ik vond de ligging echt super! Oh amai, al die dingen heb ik niet gezien, redenen genoeg om nog eens te gaan dus :)

  9. How fuuunnn! Wish I could do these things with my mom.. nice pictures :)

  10. Hallo maat, dit helpt mijn LDN-reisvoorbereidingen echt!

    Dank je voor de tips he. btw, leuke blog jong!